Limited Warranty

​The Plank Factory warrants to the original purchaser that its product, in original manufactured condition, will be free from manufacturing defects in milling, dimension, and grade. The Plank Factory engineered products are warranted against de-lamination of the plies due to bond line failure.
This limited warranty does not cover the normal expansion and contraction of wood flooring due to seasonal changes. Cupping, buckling, checking, or other wood movement due to moisture conditions not in conformance with The Plank Factory’s recommendations is not warranted. The Plank Factory records the moisture content of sample boards at time of delivery.  Once the floor is delivered and accepted, recipient must record the moisture content. The Plank Factory should be contacted immediately if the moisture content is not within specifications. A final moisture check must be properly recorded after the installation is completed.
Any adverse change in moisture content during transportation after delivery or during acclimation will void any warranty. The Plank Factory recommends that the planks acclimate until they reach the correct moisture content for the environment they will be installed. It is the installer’s responsibility that upon installation the moisture content of the wood floor is in equilibrium with the surrounding air and that the moisture content is reordered at that time.
Refer to: Moisture Content of Wood in Use for recommended moisture content values of various wood items at time of installation and expected interior moisture content. Improper storage will void any warranty.
Color and grain variation, mineral streaks, knots, and other variations are not considered defects. Because of natural variety, planks will vary from samples. Changes in planks because of the effects of light, both natural and artificial are not covered by the warranty. Hardwood flooring planks will expand and contract due to seasonal changes. This is not a product defect. The warranty excludes moisture change movement, including construction methods or materials and weather. Cupping or crowning, changes in width, thickness, and length, checking/splitting, etc. are all moisture issues and are not covered by the warranty.  Consequential or incidental damages are also excluded. Hardwood planks feature natural character markings as part of the intended look and style of the flooring. Purchase of this plank type implies that random character is expected and accepted. It is the responsibility of the installer to confirm prior to installation that the flooring is of satisfactory appearance, including any variations. Once installed, The Plank Factory will not honor any claims concerning the appearance of the floor. Dimensional change including gapping and cupping to planks after installation is environmental related and not covered under this warranty. The Plank Factory planks are not warranted against damage caused by man-made or natural disasters, including but not limited to leaking or broken plumbing, landscape watering, fire, flood, earthquake, insect infestation, or standing water during or after construction. In extreme low humidity planks may shrink or exhibit surface checking characteristics and in extreme high humidity planks may grow or exhibit crowning characteristics. Both are not manufacturing defects and are not covered under warranty. The use of a humidifier and/or dehumidifier is recommended to maintain the proper humidity level.
In the unlikely event that any portion of your floor should fail with respect to the provisions of the limited warranties, The Plank Factory, at its sole option, to the original purchaser, will repair, refinish, or replace such portion at no cost with the same product or one of equal value. If The Plank Factory is not able to correct the failure after a reasonable number of attempts, The Plank Factory will refund, upon request, the purchase price for that portion of the floor that fails. The Plank Factory reserves the right to have a representative designated by The Plank Factory inspect the floor and remove samples for analysis. Any attempt to repair, replace, or refinish prior to The Plank Factory having the opportunity to inspect and approve corrective action will void this limited warranty. The Plank Factory’s sole obligation under this limited warranty is to either provide planks to replace defective planks or refund the purchase price if The Plank Factory determines that it is not willing to provide replacement planks. The Plank Factory shall have the sole authority to select replacement plank products. The Plank Factory shall not be responsible for any costs associated with the removal, refinishing or replacement of any flooring product. The refund of the purchase price shall be the amount paid for the defective planks as established by the original invoice and does not include any cost incurred for removal/replacement of cabinets, appliances, or other fixtures. All inspections will be conducted in accordance with NWFA guidelines. If the belief is that the planks do not conform to the warranty described here within, the owner must provide proof of proper installation including but not limited to pre-installation moisture test results, sales documentation for recommended adhesives, and proper maintenance.
The Plank Factory makes no warranty other than the warranties described in this document and assumes no responsibility beyond providing replacement planks or refund of the purchase price sufficient to satisfy the warranty claim. Any sample is for demonstrative purposes only, and as such does not create a warranty of any kind that the planks purchased shall conform to that. Any warranties based on any such sample are specifically disclaimed.
Flooring that has been installed will be deemed to have been inspected and accepted by the installer and owner.
The Plank Factory does not offer installation instructions since applications vary between geographic regions and individual job sites. Consult a licensed wood flooring contractor or installer for recommendations regarding your specific project or consult the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) installation guide for engineered and solid hardwood floors. Damage caused by improper storage, handling, or installation invalidates this warranty. Improper preparation of, or deficiencies in, the subfloor or floor joist assembly, including but not limited to excessive floor deflection, uneven or irregular subfloor surface or voids in the subfloor, are not covered under this warranty. In no event shall The Plank Factory be held responsible for any damage caused to hardwood flooring by other manufacturers’ products. Other items not covered under this limited warranty include use of non-recommended nailers, staplers, or adhesives; end gapping due to mastic memory or improper seating of planks during installation; squeaking, popping or crackling by any cause; and failure by the installer to test for proper humidity prior to or at the time of installation.
The Plank Factory does not warranty any installation, improper installation will void any and all warranties implied.
The Plank Factory is not responsible for abuse, neglect, or misuse that include and are not limited to damage from cleats, heels, unprotected furniture legs, indentations, scratches, pet claws, sand, rock, and circumstances causing abnormal wear. Damage or color change caused by exposure to ultraviolet light from the sunlight or other sources. Damage from sub-floor moisture, flooding, leaking plumbing, overflowing sinks or similar related damages. The warranty does not cover damage from natural disasters, weather or other extreme conditions, stains including those caused by pets, insect infestation. The warranty does not cover natural variations in wood tone, color, and grain. Color variations in wood flooring are natural and new or replacement flooring may not match sample flooring or existing flooring. The warranty does not cover improper maintenance, wet mopping, steam mopping, misuse, or improper alterations of the product from its original form. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by extreme low or extremely high humidity. The Plank Factory recommends referencing: Moisture Content of Wood in Use for recommended moisture content values of various wood items at time of installation and expected interior moisture content.
The Plank Factory requires strictly following NWFA guidlines:
Installation – NWFA Installation Guidelines
Refinishing – NWFA Sanding and Finishing Guidelines and Methods
Maintenance – NWFA Maintenance & Recoat Guidelines
Respective guideline furnished upon request.
NWFA industry recommended installation procedures must be followed or this warranty is invalid. These standards include, but are not limited to: moisture content must be tested on both the product and sub floor prior to installation. If original installation is done by anyone other than a professional installation contractor, this warranty is invalid.